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VDU Assessor Training Programme

The Course
Repetitive injury strain, eye strain, backache etc. are common  among workers whose every day tasks require prolonged periods spent in front of their computer (workstation).
This course  provides  training which allows employers to meet their obligations under the relevant Health ,Safety & Welfare at Work legislation.

This programme provides training for employees wishing to become proficient in the identification of hazards and the assessment of risks as they relate to VDU workstations.

Learning Outcomes 
Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:
LO1: Describe the requirements of the General Application Regulations 2007
LO2: Describe the steps involved in a systematic assessment
LO3: Understand ergonomic factors and VDU workstation layout
LO4: Appreciate the implications of posture at VDU workstations
LO5: Carry out VDU workstation assessments and advise on the best systems of work

Target Trainee Profile
Personnel charged with the responsibility of carrying out VDU assessments.

Qualification Requirements

Course Content

  • Legislation
  • Ergonomics and Anthropometrics
  • Relationship between the individual, task, work environment & equipment
  • Hazard identification
  • Low frequency and radioactive emissions - research
  • Principles and objectives of assessment
  • Practical assessment
  • Exercises/Stretches

Training Methods
Highly interactive course making good use of demonstration, involvement and practice.
PowerPoint presentation and visual aids are also used to good effect.

Assessment & Certification

Delegates are assessed on their ability to meet the requirements set down in the training objectives.

Delegates are issued with a certificate of achievement 

Special Requirements 

Please advise in advance of any special learning needs or other requirements.


1 Day